Opening CSV Exports Created with Exelare on a Mac


To open a CSV Export you created from Exelare on your Mac, please follow the steps below.  You need to have Microsoft Excel installed in order to open the files.

1.  Open The Microsoft Excel Program installed on your computer

2.  Click on the ‘Open a Workbook’ icon

3.  A window will pop up saying ‘Excel does not recognize this file format’ – Click OK to this message

OK that Excel Doesn't recognize Format

4.  On the next screen, please select the option that best describes your data – Please selected ‘Delimited’ and then click ‘Next’

Select Delimited option only

5.  On the next screen you will be asked to choose your Delimiters.  Please choose ‘Comma’ only.  Do not select any other options.  Then click ‘Next’

Select Comma  as Delimeter only

6.  On the final screen, please select ‘Finish’ and your file will open.

7.  Make sure to save your file with whatever name you choose so you can now open it in the future without needing to follow the above steps.

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