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Add Opportunities


An Opportunity is similar to a job; however, you do not yet have the job secured for your recruiters to work on. Adding the Opportunity to Exelare helps you to track it in your pipeline so that you're ready whenever the project is completed. If you have a job that is currently in demand, there is no need to create it as an Opportunity first. 

You can also add an opportunity from scratch; in this instance, you'd link a Lead with the opportunity as you're adding it. Opportunities must be linked to a Lead record, exactly like Jobs, when they are added to Exelare.

Add Opportunity

To add an Opportunity in Exelare,
1) Click on "Opportunities" tab in the menu bar.
2) Choose "Open Opportunities" (or Open Opp).
3) Click on "New" button at the top left corner.
4) Enter the Opportunity details and click on "Save".

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