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Before contacting support, try searching the knowledge base.   There are answers to many frequently asked questions.  Each answer has step by step instructions, along with detailed screen shots and/or instructional videos.  If you don't find what you are looking for, please:

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2.  Or email support at:  support@cbizsoft.com 

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Knowledge Base

  1. Activities & Notes 

    1. Opening Records
    2. Adding / Creating Notes
    3. Adding / Scheduling Activities
    4. Adding / Scheduling Tasks
    5. Deleting Records
  2. Apple / Mac's 

    1. Opening CSV Exports Created with Exelare on a Mac
  3. Candidates 

    1. Linking Candidates To Contacts
    2. Linking Candidates To Jobs
    3. Submitting Candidates To Contacts
    4. Submitting Candidates To Jobs
    5. Linking Existing Candidates to Companies
  4. Contacts 

    1. Adding & Linking Jobs to Contacts
    2. Linking Existing Contacts to Companies
    3. Adding Contacts to Companies
  5. Customization 

    1. Setup / Creating Alerts
    2. Advanced Customizations
  6. Dynamic & Static Views 

    1. Editing Dynamic Views
    2. Creating Dynamic Views
    3. Editing / Modifying Static Views (Saved Lists)
    4. Adding to Static Views (Saved Lists)
    5. Creating Static Views (Saved Lists)
  7. Emailing & Email Marketing 

    1. Sending Job Lists (ReqLists)
    2. Sending Mass Emails – Email Merge – Email Marketing
    3. Sending Candidate Lists (HotLists)
    4. Sending a Single Email
    5. Overview of Exelare Email Options
  8. Extensions & Plugins 

    1. Installing the xOne Companion App
    2. Installing the LinkedIn Chrome Extension
    3. Installing the xBar Outlook Plugin
  9. General 

    1. Explanation of Browser vs. Desktop Mode (Silverlight)
    2. Updating Candidate Submitted/Status (Pipeline)
    3. Exporting Views to .CSV / Excel Files
    4. Adding / Creating & Linking Documents
    5. Importing From .CSV / Excel Files
  10. Getting Started 

    1. Import Your Data to Exelare
    2. Setting up Email Integration with Gmail, or Other Email Providers
    3. Setting up Outlook Integration
    4. Setting up Email in Exelare
    5. Instructions for Logging In To Exelare (Web App)
  11. Importing & Parsing Data 

    1. Importing/Converting Data from Previous Vendor
    2. Importing Contacts from LinkedIn
    3. Import Contacts From Outlook
    4. Importing Candidates From Multiple Files (Bulk Resume Import)
    5. Importing Candidates from a Single File
  12. Jobs 

    1. Adding Job Records
  13. Searching 

    1. Advanced Find
    2. Searching Resumes
    3. Searching Fields - Live Search
  14. All articles 

    1. Adding Job Records
    2. Opening CSV Exports Created with Exelare on a Mac
    3. Installing the xOne Companion App
    4. Advanced Find
    5. Adding & Linking Jobs to Contacts
    54 articles 

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