Find Matching Candidates

To find the matching candidates for a Job.

1) Clicking on "Find Matching Candidates" will fetch all the matching candidates and shows you the results by "Rank-Relevance".

2) You can mark the candidates for "Screening", "Potential" or "Reject" (if the candidate is not a fit for the Job).

3) You can view all the candidates who are marked for "Screening" or "Potential", by simply clicking on the button

4) You can email the Job details to the selected candidates. (This will send a personalised email to selected candidates)

5) You can also add the matching candidates to a "Saved List".

6) Click on "New" to give a name to the "Saved List" and click on "Create".

7) Select the "Saved List" under "My Views" and click on "Save".

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