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Build Search Criteria

Introducing the AI engine to automatically build Skills and Search Criteria based on Job Description. Click the button "Build Search Criteria" on the Jobs menu

1) Click the "Build Search Criteria" button at the top of the menu.


    Click the "Preview" icon and click on "Build Search Criteria" button in "Search Criteria" section.

2) AI engine will analyze the job description and automatically extract skills into "Search Criteria"

3) Users can also edit the search criteria by clicking on "Add/Edit Search Criteria".

     a) User can check any option(s) from "Include Only". If none of the option(s) is checked, then it searches in Active candidates. 
     b) "Search Within" would search for candidates who are modified recently within the selected date range.
     c) Checking "Potential" and "Submitted" will search candidates who are linked as Potential or Submitted to any job.
     d) In Additional Search Criteria, users can pick any of the desired fields. (Ex: ZipCode, Company, Status etc.)

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