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Searching Fields - Live Search


It is easy to search any field in the system using the live search boxes above almost every column in Exelare.  To use Live Search, including Companies, Contacts, Candidates, Jobs please follow these steps:

  1. Place your mouse in any search box above any column
  2. Start typing to instantly see results of your search
  3. Use any combination of fields to narrow down your search
  4. When your search is complete, you can click the ‘Clear Filter’ button to clear the search results and start over
a) Simply type your keywords in the live search bar to see the results

b) You can use multiple combinations to search in live search bar. Ex: First Name, Job Title.

c) You can choose the filter operators by clicking the filter icon next to the search field.

d) "Equals" will filter records who has the given keyword as an exact keyword.

e) "Not Equals", will filter the records who do not have the given keyword.

f) "Ends With", will filter the records who has the given keyword at the very end.

g) "Contains", will filter the records who has the given keyword anywhere in the field.

h) "Date Field", Clicking the filter icon in a date field will give you additional options to choose which are self explanatory.

Search Operators You Can Use
Asterisk (*), Wild card Search will search for the character string anywhere in the field.
    Ex: *Consultant, Develop* etc.

Comma ( , ) functions like an OR operator and filters records that has either of the keyword

Equals+Space, will show you all the records where there is no data in that field.

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