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Importing From .CSV / Excel Files


To import Companies, Contacts, Candidates or Jobs from a .csv / Excel File, please follow these steps:

Important:  If your data is in Excel Format, you will need to Save your Excel files as CSV (Comma Separated Values) formats before doing the import. 

  1. Login into Exelare Web.
  2. Open Contacts tab ( Active Contacts ).
  3. Click on New and choose Import from CSV.
  4. Click on Choose and browse the CSV file and click on Open.
  5. Under Import As, select the folder ( Like Contacts, Candidates, Companies or Jobs ).
  6. Select a Duplicate check Rule ( Do not import Duplicates or Allow Duplicates ) and click on Next.
  7. Map the fields under Exelare Columns appropriately.
  8. Scroll down and click on Finish to start the import process.
  9. Once done, close the Import CSV tab.
Hint:  At any point you can click on “Save Map” to save your progress.  You can come back to your import at a later time and locate the map file to pick up where you left off before.  This can be very useful when importing .CSV files from the same source over and over.

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